Terms And Conditions

Customer Personal Information

All information captured will be kept private and will not be provided to 3rd party companies or mis-used.


  • The fibre equipment and router provided by Surf4Life will stay the property of Surf4Life and is not the property of the Owner/Tenant/Customer.
  • If the client moves/re-locates, he/she is to leave the Equipment provided in the house and in working condition.
  • Should the Equipment be removed from the house or not be in working condition the client will be charged with R1500.00 to replace the Active Gear.


  • The debit order remains the responsibility of the client
  • If the client moves to another location it remains the responsibility of the client to cancel the debit order with his/her Bank. It remains the sole responsibility of the client to cancel any Debit-Orders before he/she moves. Any Debit-Order payments processed after client moved will not be refunded from Surf4Life.